At Rite Driving we have two aims when it comes to driving lessons; firstly, to teach the pupil how to drive safely and secondly get the pupil through their driving test.

Just because you are taking lessons from an approved driving instructor does not mean you are getting value for money. When you are taking driving lessons for the first time we suggest you try more than one instructor and then compare them to see who you feel is better, and with whom you can learn more.

We believe an instructor should be calm and relaxed so no extra pressure is put on the pupil. With the right instruction and plenty of practice anyone can get through the driving test with ease.

A common misconception people have is that they think that as an independent company we may not be as good as a well-known company. The fact of the matter is that because we are independent we are able to pay more attention on a pupil’s progress and on customer care.


Passing Your Driving Test

Best Prices

As an independent driving school, we're able to deliver lessons without passing on costs to pupils.

Your Doorstep

Start and end lessons at your doorstep. We cover a large portion of South East London, and likely yours.

Tailored For You

We offer multiple types of driving lessons, so you can trust that the lessons you undertake are for you.

Get started with your driving lessons

Our dedicated instructors will help you every step of the way.

Driving Lesson Prices

Single Lesson

£ 38

Paid per lesson

10-Hour Package

£ 350

Save £30 ( 8% )

20-Hour Package

£ 680

Save £80 ( 10% )

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